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Movie info

Description: Daze Like This is a movie starring Lauren Jain, Olivia Branstetter, and Colton Fossen. A group of recently graduated teens discover what's important in life through a drug-fueled Fourth of July night.

Director: Colton Fossen

Actors: Lauren Jain, Olivia Branstetter, Colton Fossen

Writers: Colton Fossen

Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Drama

Country: USA

Duration: 89 min


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Not sure what the whole reviews are about. This movie was just as I had hoped. Funny, well-acted, well-written, and all-around good. If you like any of these genres, this is a movie you'll like. If not, you should definitely not watch this movie. It is definitely worth a watch, especially if you like drama or comedies. I would give it a 9 out of 10.

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I recently rented this film and had a blast. It was well-acted and well-directed. The plot and characters are pretty original, though, and the way they were presented was unexpected and refreshing. In particular, the first two scenes involving the drug-addicted black male were very well-done, showing how they were manipulated by the man in the street, and how they did things to make it happen. I thought the movie was well-written and well-acted. There were few holes in the plot, but I was surprised to see the end. It was a good surprise.

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I loved this movie. I felt sorry for all the losers. The songs are very catchy. It's like a true story with a different twist. It's all about jealousy, love, courage and winning at all costs. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

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This movie was one of my favorites from the Disney Channel. I was so looking forward to it and was quite disappointed when I got home. It was the most depressing movie I've seen in awhile. The character of Will's mom was one of the saddest and most pathetic parts of the movie. I thought this movie would be good, but instead I found myself laughing and crying. I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants a great movie with heart. It was so sad to watch it, but I thought it was so funny and a great story.

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Although not a major movie in the world of cinema, "Daze Like This" has definitely become one of my favorites in the genre. It's a really entertaining and well made movie, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes to laugh and have a good time. The script is very good, the characters are well written and the actors perform well, particularly Kevin Kline, who is great in the movie. The whole thing has a really good feel to it, with a very humorous plot and great humor. It's also really well directed, and it keeps you on your toes the whole time. The way the director and the cast handles the movie is really good, because it keeps you on the edge of your seat. I can't wait to see what this director does next, because he has already done a really great job in this movie.

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I can't understand how many people on here have complained about how this film is "boring". This is one of those films that will be very hard to forget once it's over. As a general rule, I always want to say that a film that made me laugh out loud and made me feel proud to be a film-maker, is one of the best films I've ever seen. The fact that this film is so simple, yet so deeply touching and deeply moving is what I find most powerful about it. I'm not saying that "Like This" is a masterpiece. It's not. But I think it's a film that is better than a lot of the stuff that gets nominated for awards. It's probably not a film for everyone, but it is a film that deserves the attention it has been getting.

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